• Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's)


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    Please remember the ELD mandate has been in effect since December 18, 2017 and enforcement will officially begin on April 1, 2018. Please take a look at an ELD handout from a recent meeting with ODOT to help answer some of your FAQ's.



    Although OTA cannot endorse one provider over another because each fleet is different and has different requirements, we do recommend that you check out our Buyer's Guide for ELD providers that are active OTA members. Here is the list of our members with website links:

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    OTA members can log into the Member Portal to access additional resources or contact us at info@ortrucking.org or 503.513.0005.



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    RECAP- On December 8, 2017, OTA held yet another webinar on ELD's to help all the last-minute folks plan ahead. Soona Lee, Regulatory Compliance Manager with EROAD stood in for Joe Darby and helped answer some of the tougher questions from attendees!


    RECAP- On August 31, 2017, Joe Darby, OTA's Director of Safety & Compliance, hosted a webinar on ELD's. The intent was to provide details of what to expect and what to look for in an ELD provider so members (and non-members) could determine their top criteria. Attendees who would like a copy of the slides can contact vilija@ortrucking.org 


    RECAP- EROAD's Soona Lee, Regulatory Compliance Manager, and Susan Reszczynski, Sales Engineer, along with OTA hosted an educational ELD webinar on June 27, 2017. The title was "Are you really compliant? What no one tells you about ELD vs. AOBRD." It helped reveal some of the misconceptions between choosing an ELD or AOBRD and helped you discover the next steps to gain confidence in your technology decision. Copies of the presentation are available via the member login site here or please contact vilija@ortrucking.org.


  • RECAP- OTA has received an overwhelming amount of inquires regarding Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's). On March 1, 2017, we held a forum with six of our allied members to help answer some of the questions pertaining to the new regulation and what carriers need to do to comply. Please click on the PDF to view the event brochure.

  • For additional documents related to ELD's, please log into our Member Information Center.

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