• January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

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    January 03, 2019
    Since a Presidential Proclamation in 2010, January has been designated Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, with Friday, January 11 being National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, human trafficking is a crime in which force, fraud or coercion is used to compel a person to perform labor, services or commercial sex, affecting all populations, ages and economic classes. In October 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation created the 15- person Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking, whose goal is to develop strategies for reporting human trafficking and craft recommendations for DOT-funded programs to combat the issue. The panel includes Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT).
    For several years, OTA has partnered with TAT to build awareness of this crime every day of every year. We’ve featured TAT representatives at our events and worked to get our members involved in this effort. Truck drivers cover a lot of ground as they crisscross the country and are highly effective eyes and ears in the fight against human trafficking. To date, 680,153 truck drivers and other individuals have registered as “TAT Trained.” This means that they’ve completed TAT’s core program that trains industry members about the realities of domestic sex trafficking and how the trucking industry can combat it. TAT partners with trucking schools, carriers, the truck stop industry, as well as shippers, manufacturers and state and national trucking associations in order to spread the word.
    Have you taken the necessary steps to be part of the team to combat human trafficking? If you have, then you’ve contributed to the 2250 calls to the national hotline made by truckers; the 612 likely cases generated and the 1133 victims identified. If you haven’t yet been certified by TAT, start by watching their training video and educating yourself about this crime.
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