• Summary of Oregon's Executive Order

    This morning, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order No. 20-12, directing all Oregonians to stay home and shelter in place to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

    In addition to this directive, the EO also calls for closure of certain non-essential businesses, enforced social distancing and workplace restrictions for those businesses remaining open, closure of most childcare facilities, curtailment of government offices, closure of state parks, and restrictions on recreation and travel.

    Because trucking was not listed as a “non-essential business,” your trucking company may continue operations in Oregon. However, by midnight tonight (March 23, 2020) your company must have in place a designated staff member to implement and enforce workplace social distancing policies. We encourage our industry to take these social distancing requirements seriously.
    Summary of Executive Order 20-12:

    • All non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals are prohibited immediately, regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Gatherings of members of the same residential household are permitted.
    • It closes and prohibits shopping at specific categories of retail businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult to avoid, such as arcades, barber shops, hair salons, gyms and fitness studios, skating rinks, theaters, and yoga studios.
    • It requires businesses not closed by the order to implement social distancing policies in order to remain open and requires workplaces to implement teleworking and work-at-home options when possible.
    • It directs Oregonians to stay home whenever possible, while permitting activities outside the home when social distance is maintained.
    • It closes playgrounds, sports courts, and skate parks, among other types of outdoor recreation facilities. Those that remain open are required to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines.
    • It outlines new guidelines for childcare facilities, setting limits and rules on amounts of children allowed in care, and outlining that childcare groups may not change participants.
    • Failure to comply with the order will be considered an immediate danger to public health and subject to a Class C misdemeanor.
    Please visit www.ortrucking.org for additional information.

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