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2023 Legislative Update – Week 2

While Oregon Republicans picked up a few seats in the House and a seat in the Senate eliminating the supermajority, they are still woefully outnumbered. This has left many wondering if democrats work across the aisle, and more importantly, will we see more cordial relationships than in years past? These questions can only be answered in the coming weeks and months of Oregon’s six-month long session. However, Senate republicans are making their position known after the Senate voted last week to allow for one-hour posting of amendments, a tactic usually reserved for the end of session to move bills more quickly through the process. Senate republican leader Tim Knopp, (R-Bend) is requiring bills to be read in their entirety on the floor before a final vote. This parliamentary delay tactic will significantly slow progress, and it will be interesting to see how the new Senate President, Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego), responds.

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