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Why Join OTA?

Oregon Trucking Association believes that each individual member strengthens our industry's ability to shape the future of trucking and transportation in Oregon.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

Trucking has a story to tell and those involved in Oregon's trucking industry are invited to add their own experiences to OTA's collective voice on the public stage. To expand the foundation that we build from, OTA represents the state as part of the federation for the American Trucking Associations. We offer membership options for both carriers of all sizes and allied partners. Whether you’re new to the industry or are part of Oregon trucking's 100+ year legacy, join OTA and be a part of Oregon trucking's next chapter.

As an OTA member, you’ll have opportunities to connect and collaborate to make sure trucking can meet current and new challenges, and thrive as an industry.

Carrier Member Information

There are a variety of reasons for a carrier to join OTA - both in terms of what OTA can do for you and what you can do for this always essential but sometimes challenging industry. In general we've found that the majority of carriers considering membership are looking for:

Safety & compliance solutions. OTA offers a comprehensive catalog of classes, professional development programs, tailored consultancy and regulatory guidance - all designed specifically for the trucking industry.

Advocacy & outreach. OTA actively engages with the legislature, relevant state and federal agencies, committees and workgroups and other regulatory bodies. While that's a lot of ground to cover, OTA members play a large role in making an impact and effecting change.

Networking & collaboration. Trucking comes with a set of unique requirements and challenges. OTA works to connect members with industry experts, as well offering several avenues to learn from and exchange ideas with other members.

Allied Member Information

Have questions before you join OTA? Contact us at or 503.513.0005.

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