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All About OTA Advocacy

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OTA is the only organization that actively and consistently represents the interests of Oregon's trucking industry. We focus on identifying and influencing regulatory policy that directly impacts the trucking industry and the state's business environment. We count on both our appointed government affairs team and our members to have a say and make a difference.

What is Advocacy?

The simple definition: Any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause, supports or defends, or pleads on behalf of others.

The OTA definition: Taking our members’ collective concerns, positions and perspectives directly to the governing and regulatory bodies that develop and implement the policies that impact Oregon trucking.


OTA’s advocacy team actively engages with the legislature, federal, state and local agencies and other decision-makers to promote pro-trucking, pro-business policies. We frequently seek out partnerships with like-minded groups to further extend our outreach. We develop relationships with Oregon legislators, agency leaders and committees to educate on trucking's value to every Oregon industry. We promote trucking's key position in driving Oregon's economic success. We build on the dedication of our members who safely and consistently serve their customers and communities.

Members Only Legislative Update:

Each year, OTA's government affairs team descends on Salem to track the action and engage with lawmakers to ensure that trucking's viewpoint is fully considered as proposals are made and bills progress. OTA members have access to weekly updates, prepared by Oxley & Associates. The most recent reports are found in the OTA Member Information Center. Login now to read more.

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