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ATA Launches “Nothing Without Trucking”

At the recent Mid-Year Management Session (MYMS), ATA launched a multi-year campaign to educate policymakers and the motoring public on the trucking industry's pivotal role in the nation’s economy – Nothing Without Trucking.

Nothing Without Trucking is not just a campaign or slogan; it’s our industry’s reality. It highlights the essential role of the trucking industry in our everyday lives:

  1. The trucking industry is made up of millions of unsung heroes who ensure we receive everything from daily necessities to urgent supplies. It’s time to recognize how much we depend on these workers.
  2. Truckers are providers, not just drivers. Their stories of determination and strength in tough times are motivating and reflect the resilience that powers our nation.
  3. Trucking is essential to America’s growth. As the trucking industry has evolved, it upholds the values that America holds dear: innovation, safety, diversity, and efficiency.



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