• Annual Events

  • Here you find a list of our annual events (some are subject to change year-to-year). To view all our events, including training classes, please visit our calendar.


  • January 27, 2022
    Southern Oregon Industry Mixer
    Seven Feathers Resort Casino - Canyonville, OR
    April 27 - 29, 2022
    Safety Conference
    Salem Convention Center - Salem, OR
    May 20, 2022
    TMC Technology & Education Fair
    Pacific Northwest Truck Museum - Brooks, OR
    May 21, 2022
    SuperTech Skills Competition
    Pacific Northwest Truck Museum - Brooks, OR
    Date: TBD
    Oregon Truck Driving Championships
    July 19, 2022
    Bob Russell Truck PAC Golf Tournament
    Langdon Farms - Aurora, OR
    August 16 - 17, 2022
    Annual Convention 
    Riverhouse on the Deschutes - Bend, OR
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    This event typically takes place over 2-3 days in the springtime and is specifically catered to trucking-related safety professionals (or anyone vested in safety within their organization) such as directors, managers, and even company owners who are interested in learning about new rules and regulations, safety technology, and other safety topics. Sessions typically consist of expert speakers during the main session or any breakout training classes. Attendees have plenty of opportunities to network with other industry folks throughout the event and visit with allied sponsors to learn about products and services. Recipients of annual safety awards and graduates of the NW Fleet Safety Certification Program are also recognized at the event, typically during a safety breakfast and/or dinner. The location will vary - recent locations have been the Eugene and Salem areas.


    This 2-3 day fall event is specifically designed for company owners, CEOs, and other leaders within trucking-related organizations. Expert speaker topics can range from safety to legislative panels, new technology, regulation, cyber and other workplace security, management techniques, health and wellness, national trucking updates, the state of OTA, trucking image/publicity, and more. Attendees will have plenty of opportunities to network with other members throughout the event and visit the allied sponsors product and service showcase. There is typically an awards banquet where Carrier and Allied Member of the Year and Image Awards (new) are presented. The location is typically at larger venues in Oregon such as Eagle Crest Resort, Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, Sunriver Resort, etc., and may vary.


    This event focuses on the maintenance side of the trucking industry and typically takes place late winter/early spring. The Maintenance Fair is an opportunity for both maintenance managers and diesel technicians to learn about new rules, advancements in equipment and technology and/or leadership techniques during expert presentations and a Q&A session. Breakout sessions are available for the two types of maintenance professionals to make sure each is getting the most out of the program. Attendees will have an opportunity to visit with allied sponsors during the vendor fair to learn about new products and services and network with other industry folks.


    Usually the day after Maintenance Fair, professional and student diesel technicians will compete across various stations to test their skills and knowledge through written exams and troubleshooting physical trucking equipment. It's a true showcase of talent shown every day by trucking industry technicians and honors technician professionalism. After scores are calculated, winners are announced the same day during the official awards ceremony to determine who will compete at National SuperTech hosted by ATA.

    1. Learn something new - we know our techs are some of the best in the business, but there’s always room for improvement. Familiarize yourself with every piece of equipment and discover how to tackle unusual issues. Plus, technology is always advancing – be ready!
    2. Opportunity to win - you may be underestimating your knowledge and skills, and this is a great way to showcase your talent as a technician. If you win, you’ll receive prizes, a trophy, and a chance to compete at nationals. Imagine putting that on your list of accomplishments!
    3. Network with others - you never know who you’ll meet at the event. You may cultivate new friendships and share best practices with colleagues. And, if you’re an employer, this is a great way to see your techs in action and show your support.
    4. Evaluate your skills - you’ll quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses as a technician, and this can help you improve your skills. As an employer, this is a perfect way to help you develop an effective training plan for your techs.
    5. Have fun - with all the competitive camaraderie among the techs and companies, you’ll be sure to get some laughs in. Plus, when you’re not competing, you can explore the museum!



    Want to network with other trucking industry folks in your area? Then this event is for you! It includes dinner and a trucking or business-related presentation. Past speakers have included representatives from FMCSA, ODOT, and ATA and an expert on demographics. We typically host one in Southern Oregon and one in the Portland metro area, but are hoping to expand. We know our members get busy, so this is our way of bringing everyone together.


    This fundraiser is a fun way to support OTA's legislative efforts. Grab a team or register individually and get paired with other golfers for a full day of golf that begins early in the morning, plus an opportunity to network with others during lunch! Attendees will also get a recap of current government affairs from OTA staff and/or the PAC chair. All proceeds go directly into the Truck PAC fund and will help us gain access to candidates to advocate for the trucking industry. 


    One day. One voice. On behalf of trucking! You want to show your support for our industry? Attend this event in Salem! You'll hear presentations from legislators and other experts on the issues that affect your business, meet with legislators in small group sessions to voice your concerns, pick up your "I <3 Trucks" button, check out beautiful trucks outside the Capitol, sit in on public hearings, and let everyone know why trucking is important to our economy. Haven't been to Oregon's Capitol yet? Even better! Now is your chance to fully experience how decisions are made and how you can make a difference (don't worry, we'll provide you with plenty of information so you know what to expect). The official event takes place every other year during the long legislative session, but members are encouraged to "take action" throughout the year.


    TDC is a one-day family-friendly competition in the summer for some of the safest truck drivers in the state. Competing truck drivers must be accident-free for at least one year prior to the competition and will be scored on written exam results, a pre-trip inspection, and actual driving on a live course. Most state trucking associations will host this type of event (sometimes called the "Truck Roadeo") where drivers test their skills and knowledge in their registered truck categories for the Grand Champion title at their chance to compete the National Truck Driving Championships and National Step Van Driving Championship hosted by the American Trucking Association (ATA). Scores are calculated at the end of the competition, and winners are announced during the official award ceremony the same day. Company tents and sponsorship opportunities are available. The location will usually be at a carrier member facility where a driving course can be set up. Bring your whole team, including your drivers, and come watch our safest drivers in the state navigate through tight spaces, enjoy delicious food, and partake in the camaraderie at this public event!

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  • **OTA's cancellation policy for training classes is 48 hours in advance of the class date. Each event will have its own cancellation policy (see individual event registration sections for details), but will typically be 7 days in advance of the first event date. Contact OTA with any questions: 503.513.0005.

    OTA does occasionally add or combine annual events, so please keep an eye on our calendar. Visit www.ortrucking.org/events for a full list of training classes and events.