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    OTA is offering a series for Ongoing Carrier Education - perfect as a refresher or for new carriers and employees. These classes will focus on critical areas in the trucking business. You can attend specific courses or register for all four (available at a discount). The courses include:


    ‣Weight Mile Tax
    A compliance-focused overview of Weight Mile Tax law and regulations for operating a CMV in the state of Oregon. Topics include: tax structure & identifier; insurance & bond requirements; declared weight; record keeping requirements; fuel tax credits; monthly & quarterly mileage reports.

    ‣Registration & IFTA
    A compliance-focused overview of Registration and IFTA requirements for operating a CMV in the state of Oregon. Topics include: types of registration; required documentation; jurisdiction; trip permits; lease agreements; apportioned registration; international fuel tax agreement; calculation guidelines; penalties for non-compliance.

    ‣Size & Weight
    A compliance-focused overview of the Size and Weight restrictions for operating a CMV in the state of Oregon. Topics include: allowable weight tables; weight brackets; oversize load permits; calculating maximum weight limits; vehicle and combination limits; mapping routes; load length limitations; scale protocol; chain laws.

    ‣DOT Safety Compliance
    A compliance-focused overview of DOT Compliance and review of the FMCSR's. Topics include: applicability; interstate vs. intrastate; hours of service; driver training requirements and best practices; DOT drug & alcohol testing; inspection repair & maintenance; driver qualifications/disqualifications; National Registry for Certified Examiners and medical card rules; record retention; cargo securement; DQ files; auditing procedures.


    Find upcoming dates on our event calendar: www.ortrucking.org/events


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    Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's)


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    Hours of Service

    FMCSA Educational Tool for Hours of Service


    Additional Information

    • Beginning September 26, 2019, per HB 2592, Oregon is no longer issuing weight receipts to motor carriers.


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