• Image Committee

  • Mission:  This committee’s mission is to be the steward of the trucking industry’s image in Oregon on behalf of the Oregon Trucking Association.

    Purpose:  The committee team members will be tasked to provide communication to the Association on issues that affect image as well as to create and provide assistance on the Association’s image programs.

    Audience:  The committee’s image efforts will be to influence and educate both internal and external audiences.  Internal audiences consist of trucking companies and drivers.  External audiences are the general public, government employees, elected officials, and the media.

    Goal:  The goal of the Image Committee is to increase public education on the essentiality of the trucking industry to more favorably influence regulations and legislation concerning the truck industry.  We will also strive to improve the industry’s image to make trucking a more favorable place to work for drivers, technicians, and others.

    Please contact us to get involved in the Image Committee.