• Northwest Fleet Safety Certification

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  • In May of 2016, OTA launched it's first ever exclusive comprehensive safety program – Northwest Fleet Safety Certification. This unique curriculum covers all aspects of creating and maintaining a top-notch fleet safety program. Training courses that cover a wide range of topics will be offered throughout the year. Whether your fleet safety personnel are new to the job or just need a refresher on the industry’s ever-changing rules and regulations, OTA’s Northwest Fleet Safety program offers the tools and resources they need to keep trucks, shops, and people safe and protected.

    This program addresses topics that all well-rounded safety personnel need to perform their job effectively, as well as the required regulatory courses. Developed by OTA safety expert, John Sallak, and the Safety Management Council, the Northwest Fleet Safety program has built in flexibility so that fleets can supplement their safety training with the entire program or individual courses.


    Course Highlights:

    The Safety Culture

    • Why safety is important; developing company policies; regulatory requirements and management support & direction


    FMCSR Basics

    • Overview of rulemaking process; applicability of regulations; overview of each part of FMCSR; CSA program & scoring


    Training Techniques & Materials

    • Classroom & online training; conducting effective meetings and public speaking tips


    Drug & Alcohol Awareness

    • Requirements, resources, & company policy


    Defensive Driving Techniques

    • Drivers & vehicles; other hazards and partnering with insurance carriers, law enforcement, etc.


    Vehicle Maintenance/Roadside Inspections

    • Maintenance programs; CVSA/MCSAP funding; roadside inspection levels & process; CSA - typical maintenance violations


    Workplace Safety - OSHA

    • Basic OSHA standards & enforcement; workplace safety programs & training; partnering with work comp insurance carriers, etc.


    Accident Investigation

    • Determine root cause & prepare for litigation defense; what to do when a commercial crash occurs


    Hazardous Materials

    • Introduction to Hazardous Materials Regulations; researching product/specific requirements (this class meets initial and recurrent PHMSA (DOT) training requirements)


    Health & Wellness

    • Driver medical certification & qualification; sleep illnesses/managing fatigue; basic wellness tips


    Drivers’ Hours of Service

    • FMCSA regulations (Part 395, FMCSR); electronic logging devices (ELD); recordkeeping & self-audits


    Driver Qualification (Part 391, FMCSR)

    • Definition of qualified commercial driver; recruiting & orientation; qualification file requirements & purging files


    OTA Members-

    $2,400 for the certification (12 classes) - $2,000 if paid in full; $250 per class


    $3,600 for the certification (12 classes) - $350 per class


    “I enrolled because I was new to the Safety Department, and I felt that I would benefit greatly from the lessons, networking, and friendships that I could learn as well as develop in this course.  The lessons were very thorough and presented very precisely by all of the instructors to the point of giving expert insight on each subject making each of us better trained for our jobs.  Although John tried his best to stump us with some difficult homework, we all persevered and overcame his challenges and his jokes.  I feel with the knowledge and relationships that I have developed in this course, I am a much better asset for Reddaway and the Safety community as a whole.  Thanks to the OTA, John Sallak, and all of the instructors for providing this course and the training to give myself and Reddaway the knowledge and certification that will go a long way in making the roads a safer place as well as all of our working environments.”

    -Todd Boldin, Northern Division Safety Manager at Reddaway


    “In this fast paced and heavily regulated industry, The Oregon Trucking Associations North West Safety Certification class has given me and my company the passion, courage and a firm foundation in which to take our company into the future."  

    -Donald A. Thompson, Director of Safety at Sherman Bros Heavy Trucking

    The 2017 program will begin in the spring shortly after the first class graduates. Seats are limited, so please contact us to reserve your spot!