• On-Site Services

  • Here at OTA, we are committed to helping our members achieve premier carrier status. How? By knowing the regulations, understanding feasible actions to take for compliance and what best practices are essential for reaching their compliance and safety goals. To help meet this commitment, OTA provides comprehensive and relevant training opportunities.

    The following is a list of some of the classes routinely offered at our office, through webinar, at convenient locations throughout the state and even at your own facility:

    • Audits
    • Hours of Service
    • Managing Driver Qualification Files
    • Fleet Maintenance & Inspection Management
    • Drug & Alcohol: Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
    • DOT Compliance
    • Hazard Communication Program Training
    • CSA for Drivers
    • Entry Level Driver Training
    • Hazardous Materials Training
    • Various timely and relevant topics as needed

    Visit our calendar for a list of currently scheduled classes or email safety@ortrucking.org for information on customized training at your facility. Members can also look for new classes and updates in the OTA Weekly Express newsletter.

    Specialized Consultation Services are available should you find your company in need of assistance with interventions, audits and other compliance issues. Each circumstance is unique and OTA will maintain your privacy as well as provide the best quality guidance and assistance to help you get the situation resolved in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Please call 503.513.0005 to discuss your needs.

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