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  • Oregon Annual Over-Dimensional Truck Permits

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  • For operating motor vehicles, combinations that exceed legal limits for weight, length, height, or width must apply for an over-dimensional permit. 


    OTA is an authorized agent on behalf of Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for Oregon Annual Continuous Operation Variance Permits (COVP):

    • Oregon State
    • Oregon Counties
    • City of Portland


    Available Permits Include:

    • Oversize load- extended weight and/or over length
    • Truck tractor/semitrailer over width and legal weight, 80,000 lbs.
    • Unladen heavy haul truck tractor/semitrailer w/jeep and/or booster
    • Truck tractor/semitrailer 70/80 permit
    • Heavy haul truck and trailer over width and overweight, 98,000 lbs.
    • Triples
    • And more…


  • Announcement: Please note that ODOT has made updates to the following over-dimensional permits:

    • Attachment C06
    • Attachment 100A
    • Weight Table 2
    • Map 1
    • Map 8
    • Attachment C18
  • Contact us to order your permits:

    Zobeida Harp, Administrative & Permits Coordinator

    • Submit your request to Zobeida via:
      • Email- permits@ortrucking.org
      • Phone- 503.513.0005
      • Fax- 503.513.9541
      • Walk-ins are also welcome- 4005 SE Naef Road, Portland, OR 97219
    • New issues and renewals
    • Most permits issued same day
    • OTA accepts major credit cards
    • Hours of operation: M-F 8AM-5PM
    • Upon obtaining a permit through OTA, you will receive monthly renewal reminders
    • Our permit application form is available here: ‚Äč[Download Application]


  • For general trucking permit information in the state or Oregon, visit: 


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