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  • Oregon Trucking Associations believes in power of the group. To stay involved, we represent the state as part of the federation for the American Trucking Associations. We offer membership options for both carriers of all sizes and allied partners so we can make a difference, together. Whether you’re new to the industry, or are part of a 100+ year legacy, we can help! As an OTA member, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate on ideas through various mediums so we can all make sure trucking thrives as an industry. View the OTA Membership Brochure.

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  • Why join OTA?


    Our goal is to help our members succeed! If you're a carrier... you really should be a member if for no other reason than to support the industry. Here is what we offer our members:

    • EDUCATION: We offer training classes, events, on-site services, and year-long programs that follow current rules, regulations and trends so all members of the staff are safe, knowledgable, and in compliance

    • REPRESENTATION: We stand up for the trucking industry for you - to policy makers and the public - and make sure you're informed and have opportunities to get involved in government affairs

    • NEWS: Find out about industry news first through printed and digital publications and gain access to member-only content

    • NETWORKING: Meet other trucking industry members (and even key decision-makers) at events or through our directory database and share best practices

    • CONSULTATION: Contact us for industry support; if we can’t help, we’ll direct you to someone who can

    • ADVERTISING: Promote your business through online, print, and event sponsorship

    • PROFESSIONAL GROWTH: Get involved within our association and learn how you can make a difference in the industry, your community, other members, and be more successful in your own career

    • Plus, get a free 60-minute consultation with our safety/compliance specialist

    OTA has two types of members:

    • Carriers (anyone that operates at least one truck)
    • Allied Partners (anyone that offers products and services to trucking industry members)


    Click below to download our member benefits documents:

    Carrier Member Benefits Allied Member Benefits


  • Membership services also include:

    • Mock safety audit services and other on-site training
    • Opportunities to get involved in committees
    • Over-dimensional permit services
    • Advertising avenues for your business, including a free basic listing in our public Buyers Guide (automatic for allied members, optional for carrier members) and online membership directory
    • Workers' comp and drug & alcohol consortium programs
    • Opportunities to share your story during the legislative session


    What's keeping you from joining? Invest in your industry!


  • How do I get started?

    1. Fill out our membership application (or contact OTA if you have questions). You can chose to pay for dues online, via phone, or via check.

    2. Once we see the application come through, we'll contact you to make sure you have a login set up to access our membership portal and start utilizing your benefits!

    3. You'll receive a membership packet with details about all our services, typically within a week. We highly recommend attending one of our OTA 101 info webinars to learn about everything we do.

    4. As long as we have accurate contact information, you'll start to receive the weekly e-newsletter and other communications as early as the same week.

    It's as easy as that!



  • FAQ

    Q. What are the top reasons carriers join the association?

    A. Although every trucking company has a different set of needs, we have found that the top 3 reasons are: 

    • Training & Consultation: staying current with safety and compliance and having someone to call when you have a question
    • Advocacy: hearing about issues that affect your businesses and having opportunities to get involved
    • Networking: building relationships, collaborating, and sharing best practices with other industry members


    Q. What if trucking is not my primary business?

    A. Even if you're in the construction business, food & beverage, farming, logging, moving & storage, or other sector - if you operate at least one truck, you are still subject to the same rules and regulations as a trucking-only company. The content in our training classes, events, and publications may not always be trucking-specific because we realize representatives in our industry do a whole lot more than driving a truck, so you'll be sure to get something out of membership with OTA.


    Q. What if I only have one truck?

    A. We represent trucking as a whole. As an owner-operator, it's still important for you to stay current with industry trends, new rules and regulations, and get involved in government affairs. That's our job. You'll get all the latest trucking news, including changes and tips. You'll have opportunities to get involved through committees and councils and get your voice heard. And, most importantly, you'll have a full staff of experts to help answer questions and get you trained through our events and classes. We can even provide on-site training because we know you're busy and may not live or work in the Portland metro area.


    Q. I offer products and services to the trucking industry (considered an allied member) and am interested in joining. Who is your audience? What types of carriers do you work with?

    A. Pick a size and category, and we can almost guarantee we have those types of members! Our carrier members make up about 3/4 of our membership and consist of owner operators, companies with small or big fleets, and even fleets with international presence. Some members operate trucks but also sell products to other businesses or consumers. Our members transport almost everything you can imagine - some deliver their own products (think grocery chains) and some are hired by other organizations to transport their goods.

    Every carrier operates like any other type of business and requires services related to HR, financial, legal, health, technology, office operations, and more. They also need products and services specific to the industry that could include electronic tracking and logging devices (such as ELDs), brokerage and other logistics services (like load boards and other technology), trucks, trailers, and related parts, emergency cleanup or truck washing services, and more. 


    Q. My company doesn't operate any trucks or sell any trucking products. Why would I want to join?

    A. We have plenty of allied members that aren't directly related to trucking! Some of our members are lawyers, chiropractors, insurance companies, IT service providers, educational institutions, publication companies, and more. Trucking companies need business services just like every other company. Because of the trucking industry's niche market and tight-knit community, our members are quick to recommend products and services to their colleagues. You'll find that once you get to know the needs of our industry, many doors will open up for you. 


    Q. How can I maximize my benefits as an allied member?

    A. Get involved! Attend and sponsor our events, utilize our online directory, advertise in our digital and online publications, and network with our members. Our most successful allied partners build relationships with other members. They join our committees and councils and get to know our industry so they can better understand the needs of our carriers.


    Q. Is membership based on an individual or the company as a whole?

    A. Membership is based per company, and that means that once your company joins, everyone within your organization can have access to member benefits! Each person will have their own profile to access our portal to register for events and view our directory and other resources, receive our weekly newsletter, and have an opportunity to get involved and grow professionally. 


    Q. Do you offer any recognition programs for companies and individuals?

    A. Yes, OTA does give awards throughout the year. Here is a list of them:

    • Oregon Truck Driving Championship (Grand Champion, Team, and based on category)
    • SuperTech Competition (Grand Champion, Team)
    • Safety (Safety Professional of the Year, Fleet Safety, and based on category)
    • Carrier of the Year
    • Allied Member of the Year
    • Image


    Q. Do you work with new carriers or carriers that haven't even started their business yet?

    A. Yes, we have some members who are brand new to trucking or may not even have a truck yet! We are your resource and can help you with the tools you need to get launched successfully. Our recommendation is to sign up for our four-part Carrier Education Class series because it will provide an overview of the industry in Oregon, and of course contact us with any immediate questions.


    Q. Are there other exclusive benefits for members?

    A. Yes! We also offer informational calls related to safety, government affairs, and hot topics in the trucking industry that are not open to the public. Many resources available in the member portal are only distributed to members. It all adds up quickly!

  • OTA Membership and Power of the Group


    "We’ve been a member with OTA since 2007, and based on Tim’s experience working with the association he finds that the training provided by OTA is always very informative, reliable, and helpful to the industry. When we found out we would be audited by ODOT, we wanted to make sure we were on the right path so we called on OTA. The staff members were easy-going, laid- back, and made us feel comfortable. They sent us some preliminary information on what they’d be looking for so we could compile materials and paperwork before the in-person mock audit. The services we received were exactly what we needed, and OTA exceeded our expectations. John and Adam came on-site, and the process was not at all stressful. With their help, we passed the audit! I highly recommend that others join OTA as a member and reach out for their auditing services. They are a wonderful resource!"
    - Heather Hamilton - Dispatcher, Cascade Transport

    “Supporting the Oregon Trucking Association as an Allied Member increases my ability to positively affect my industry.  The OTA is able to be involved and have significant influence over State and local trucking issues that just can’t be accomplished as a single voice. Trucking really does move America forward and supporting the OTA helps keep it moving in the right direction.”

    -Dave Gray, President, Glostone Trucking Solutions

    "We have found great value in OTA’s ongoing work representing the industry and advocating for reasoned and fair legislative and governmental policy – efforts which have clearly aided the state’s transportation industry and built effective relations with Oregon’s state and local governments.  I have worked with representatives who have participated on OTA’s Government Affairs Committee, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors for many years in support of OTA’s advocacy work. We believe this partnership has provided excellent ROI in terms of time and dollars invested, and has delivered significant dividends which truly represent the power of association with OTA."

    -Lanny Gower, Manager Licensing & Operating Tax, XPO Logistics

    "We belong to the OTA to network and build relationships that help guide us through the ever changing transportation industry."  

    -Myke Lake, CEO, McCracken Motor Freight

    "A number of years ago my company was subject to an unclaimed property audit by the Oregon Division of State Lands.  I was truly shocked by the proposed audit billing.  I was not previously aware that Oregon businesses are required to report and remit unclaimed property to the State of Oregon.  I involved OTA and Bob Russell worked with the state and my company to resolve the issue.  The end result was that we were able to challenge the audit and saved a significant amount of money thanks to OTA!"

    -Diane DeAutremont, President, Lile International Companies

    "I had a tax audit that I believed was incorrect.  I contacted OTA and Bob Russell to express my concern and request a possible solution to my dilemma.  Bob was instrumental in setting up a meeting with ODOT officials.  The meeting was very amicable and ODOT was helpful in providing direction that might resolve our issue.  This consisted largely of their agreement to review the initial audit results following our provision of some specific information they requested.  As a result, ODOT reduced what would have been a significant tax bill to a credit, saving my company over $60,000.  While OTA has helped my company in many ways over the years, this is a concrete example of the benefits of being an OTA member.  It makes it quite easy to pay our OTA dues when we know we have this kind of expertise and support available to us."

    -Jim Helser, President, Helser Bros. Transfer Co

    "I joined the Oregon Trucking Association because OTA works tirelessly to both promote and protect the trucking industry in Oregon. The work OTA does in the legislature as well as on the regulatory front is critical and in an ever-changing climate we need to know the issues. OTA is that liaison between the legislature and industry. It’s promotion of safety and the wealth of experience found throughout the membership in terms of the many industry safety professionals that contribute their time and expertise is found nowhere else.  As an allied member we recognize the value that OTA brings to its members as well as the industry as a whole and feel it is an important association for us to be a member of as well as a proactive participant."

    -Jennifer King, Account Executive, WHA Insurance

    “Being a member of the Oregon Trucking Association has been a tremendous advantage to EROAD. Thanks to their highly relatable and well respected staff, we were very fortunate to become a part of the Oregon trucking family in a relatively short period of time. We feel extremely privileged to work with top notch industry veterans as their vast experience lends a great resource for thought leadership in the industry. It goes without saying that OTA’s well attended events and robust informational materials have provided exceptional networking opportunities for EROAD.”

    -Susan Reszczynski, Stakeholder Manager, EROAD Inc.

    OTA staff is top shelf. Friendly and personable. They know me and it feels like what an association is supposed to be like.

    -Anonymous OTA member in response to a survey from our payment processing platform


    To become a OTA member, fill out our online Membership Application! You can also download and fill out our PDF Membership Application. Please email info@ortrucking.org with any questions about membership.

  • OTA President & CEO, Jana Jarvis